Life is wonderful.. I want to dive head first into the deep ocean to explore it's beauty; I want to traverse through every crooks and crannies in search for dusts and diamonds... I just want to be immersed within it's soul.
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Say what you want, the real people to feel sorry for are the ones that don’t understand the emotions The Chaser brings.

Touche mate! 

People say it’s stalker-ish (…and I could somewhat see that), but for me, it speaks of obstinacy -an obstinacy that could only exists if one is truly unable to bear the thought of losing the person they love.

I imagined what it will feel like, to have someone who means the world to you decide that he/she doesn’t need you anymore. That defeat, that sadness…the gruelling days you have to go through without them. The heartaches of knowing they could bewithout you, while you couldn’t even breathe without them.

I know that’s what it’s like for me. No matter the pain, you kept thinking of that person. Maybe even foolishly, or stubbornly deluding yourself into bearing hope for a future possibility….and this, this is what the lyrics talk about.

My heart is like so, knowing only one thing,

Regardless of the damage and pain, it only knows how to love you.

Can we just take one second to admire how painfully beautiful The Chaser is?

*Is it weird for me to think that it is also one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard????