Life is wonderful.. I want to dive head first into the deep ocean to explore it's beauty; I want to traverse through every crooks and crannies in search for dusts and diamonds... I just want to be immersed within it's soul.

7 Favorite Non-Title Track Songs (Not included solos or subunits in INFINITE album)

  • Wings (날개)
  • Hysterie
  • In The Summer (그해여름)
  • Beautiful
  • Mom (엄마)
  • Breathe (숨 좀 쉬자)
  • Diamond

» 6 Favorite Stage Performances 

  • Wings - SIE Plus in Arena Tour Japan
  • The Chaser at 2012 SBS’S Gayo Daejeon
  • 2011 KBS Year-End Music Festival Paradise + Be Mine
  • BTD K-pop All Star in Niigata, Japan
  • Mnet’s 10th Anniversary (Back’s Comeback) - Diamond
  • Paradise - SIE Plus in Arena Tour Japan

» 5 Favorite Title Tracks

  • Paradise
  • The Chaser
  • Back
  • BTD
  • Last Romeo

» 4 Favorite MVs

  • The Chaser
  • Back
  • Destiny
  • Nothing’s Over

» 3 Favorite Albums 

  • Infinitize
  • Be Back
  • Destiny

» 2 Favorite Collaborations w/ other artist [song or stage performance] 

  • Lucia + Woohyun - Cactus (deathly LOVE this song!!!)
  • Kanto feat. Sunggyu - What You Want

» 1 Favorite Member 

This is improbably difficult, seriously - but considering their musical taste and style : Kim Sunggyu but I love them all equally and no joke, I don’t have any bias

BONUS: Pick 1 | Kim Sunggyu |  INFINITE H | ToHeart | INFINITE F


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To become the person that people await for tomorrow more than today , I will make sure I don’t become lazy and I will work hard. When people said that I was lacking things, I always gained strenght by watching all the people who support me sincerely. I always seem to be getting things, I feel sorry, from now on I will become Sungyeol who can help you when you’re tired. everyone, I TRULY LOVE YOU!- Sungyeol,Happy Birthday Choding ♥